Friday, January 30, 2009

End of Semester Blog

I think that this new technology is great. Maybe, its just because I did this before on a daily basis and enjoyed it. This technology is a great way to share opinions around the world. If I wanted to post on how illrelevant Science is, I could, and pople could coment and argue with me. I love to share my opinions, now I can do that One-Hundred Fold. With the world. But this also has some bad people who argue, but in a bad disruptive way. But over-all this is a great way to share ideas, opinions, and feelings.

Great Ideas by a Great teacher. I'll miss you Mr. Ayer, hopefully I'll stop by every so often.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blog Assignment 1

My friends get daggers in their teeth whenever they are at my house and want something from me or want me to do something. Whenever we are downstairs playing video games, one of my friends, Nick Greaner would get this smirkish smile on his face and say: "Heeeeyyyy Joooossssh... get me some root beer please?" The ironic thing is, after he asks, Andy (you have him in class) then says: "Hey Josh, get me some too man." Wait, it doesn't stop there! Then after that, my best friend, Ben asks (politely at least): "Me too Josh, please?" Usually, I'll say yes after pointless arguing, and go get them some. The thing is, by time I get back, they'd kill me (in the video game of course) a few hundred times. Also, after they leave, they never clean up after themselves. I've really got to start saying no...